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Shears machine adjustment and operation of the matter introd

Source: Advance Press Machine  Release date:2017-12-21 15:40 Click: Times

 Shears machine adjustment and operation:

1, the edge clearance adjustment Cutting edge clearance adjustment is appropriate to affect the quality of the cut and extend the life of the blade an important factor.Gap adjustment will temporarily release the locking screw, and then move the handle to the desired value of the scale, then the screw The ball valve is used to measure the uniformity of blade clearance between the upper and lower blades.The method is based on a single stroke when the upper and lower frame lines reach the bottom dead center.This fast rotating ball valve closes the circuit and the upper tower stops at the dead point Then continue to follow the on-off valve, jumping up the tower throughout the trip. At the moment, you can adjust the average margin indicator.
2, before the operation of the preparation
1) Clean the surface of the machine oil, it should be noted that the cut-off line engraved on the valve should be in the open position.
2) Grease lubrication injection.
3) Add L-HL46 mechanical oil to tank (oil must be cleaned).
4) The machine ground, power, check the coordination of electrical operation.
3, operation
1) Open the machine for a number of cycles, in order to ensure that there is no abnormal environment, try to cut different thickness sheet (from thin to thick).
2) During the cutting process, open the pressure gauge switch and check the hydraulic pressure value if it does not meet the specified requirements for a normally regulated safety valve.
3) If there is any abnormal noise or canister overheating during the operation, please stop the car immediately and the maximum temperature of the container should not exceed 60 degrees.
Shears machine safety technology and maintenance:
1, the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance shears.
2, never reach the upper and lower leaves, in order to avoid the eventuality.
3, all debris tools do not on the table, to avoid rolling accident caused by the blade.
4, should be checked on time sharp knife edge case, if found with a blunt knife, should be sharpened or changed, the blade grinding only need to sharpen the thickness of the blade.
5, should check the various parts of the cut schedule, in order to keep the machine and the surrounding area clean, good insulation of the cable.
6, installed in the suction port of the oil filter on the network should always check the cleaning, low-pass filter to connect the appropriate oil.If the filter is blocked, through the oil reduction, it will pump empty, affecting the pump life .
7, the reset cylinder pressure is low, the return cylinder can be inflated. The method is: remove the shelter cover, valve cover, replace the inflatable stuff stuff the other end of the nitrogen bottle (not oxygen), open the inflatable stuff, slowly open the nitrogen bottle valve, Pay attention to the inflation pressure gauge to 6.0MPa when immediately close the gas cylinder shut-off valve. Close the inflatable tool, open the inflatable things, replace the valve cover and shelter.
8, check once every three months to return nitrogen bottle pressure.