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How to maintain color equipment

date:2015-01-24 16:18 Click on the: Time

How to maintain color equipment

A hydraulic circuit

1 pressure tile machine such as hydraulic system after the repair should also be checked, 1 per week and check oil level. The oil level is lower than the oil window should add the hydraulic oil;

2 may not exceed 70 DEG C, 2 system oil temperature should be between 35 to 60 DEG C. If is too high will lead to oil and accessoriestransformation damage.

3 the machine with hydraulic oil is ISOHM46 or MOBILDTE25

After 4 after every 40006000 working hours should be oil, 4 new machine working after 2000 hours should be the oil. Every oil change, shouldclean the oil tank.

Two, hydraulic components

1 cannot use cleaning agents; 1 monthly cleaning hydraulic components(pump, valve, motor, base plate, pipe) to prevent dirt from entering thesystem.

2 check the pressure tile machine the tubing bending or deformation, 2new machines use a month later. Such as abnormal should be replaced,after two months of use, all parts should be secured connection, this work should be shut down, the system without pressure.

Three, filter

The 1 filter should be replaced or cleaned thoroughly; 1 at a time when the oil.

Check cleaning 2 every 3 months, the air filter 2 on oil tank. The best 1year replacement.

3 should be replaced; 3 machine related alarm or oily clean and other filter abnormalities.