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Pressure tile machine equipment maintenance

date:2015-01-24 16:17 Click on the: Time

Pressure tile machine equipment maintenance

Pressure tile machine equipment maintenance is not understanding and maintenance of the machine structure and performance and operation procedures shall not start the machine. It is strictly prohibited to exceed the minimum height of work, namely the slides on the bottom to thesurface of the work the minimum distance of 290 mm, mould clampingheight after plus, upper and lower plate thickness and add the adobe thickness, more than 290 mm are not allowed, when producing mouldshould be designed according to the requirements, in order to avoid theoccurrence of machine tool the accident. Often watch, lubricating oilsliding box on both sides and the body height. The equipment should becleaned regularly, keep clean, no dirt water.

The pressure tile machine is mainly composed of a left, right, bottom, top of the cabinet body connecting rod cap, a sliding seat, six wheel, belt wheel, the gear mechanism, Geneva mechanism, cam mechanism, the lubrication pump, hydraulic system, electric control part and so on. The machine mold punching process: by the motor through the belt pulley,drives the input shaft, the pinion gear on the shaft, big, drive, through a set of cam mechanism drives the sliding seat is provided with the upper die of the up and down movement, to achieve pressure tile. Workbenchtransposition is gear set arranged in the upper end of the shaft by thetransmission gear, a shifting pin, a groove wheel mounted on the six party to toggle on a rotating wheel shaft to realize the graduation positioning, at both ends of the upper shaft are respectively provided with a mounted on the same shaft and the back pressing cam conjugate cam, to achieve precise positioning die in the working position and the positioning platethrough the positioning rod. On both sides of the chassis, was installed lubricate pump, through the machine work, tubing conveyed to the friction of moving parts of lubricating oil.