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Pressure tile machine noise, vibration and heating way, how

date:2015-01-24 16:17 Click on the: Time

Pressure tile machine noise, vibration and heating way, how to solve?

As we all know, most of the current pressure tile machine inverterbasically adopts the PWM control mode.

Because of the inverter output voltage waveform is sine wave, current flowing through the motor also contains many high-order harmoniccomponent A. In the controls the speed of the motor by frequency converter, motor windings and iron core for harmonic componentvibration and magnetic noise.

Some pressure tile machine experts know usually, and a mains supplydriven directly compared, noise using inverter output frequency to themotor to drive motor have a 10dB 5.

Therefore, the inverter PWM control, when reducing the output frequency of the inverter, although mechanical noise of cooling fan motor produced wind sound and bearing will cause a certain degree of reduction, but because of current harmonic components generated by electromagneticnoise does not reduce, reduce the overall noise from the not tooobviously, especially the center frequency electromagnetic noise for 2 of3kHz, so the impact to the human ear is also great.