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How to properly install and debug arc Caigang pressure tile

date:2015-01-24 16:16 Click on the: Time

How to properly install and debug arc Caigang pressure tile machine

We first use a circular said Caigang pressure tile machine: the arcCaigang pressure tile machine production of color steel plate products are widely used in building electrical home appliances and transportation industries, the construction industry is mainly used for steel structure workshop, warehouse, airport and other frozen industrial and commercial building roof walls and doors, civil building color steel plate less.

Below we describe the debugging method of arc Caigang pressure tile machine:

1, put the arc pressure tile machine, after the four angle from the frame of two queue end height consistent amount at the top of the shaft, and then from the first row to the last row, find a straightened wire, thencheck, whether under shaft in a straight line, the lower shaft left, right sides move into level.

2, the arc pressure tile machine first and last row find good center on both sides, then tighten lock nut, pull a straight line in the center of the intermediate wheel before and after, the gap adjustment, the lower shaftwell, can adjust machine down the line.

Debugging method 3, arc pressure tile machine platen deviation; such asplate rightwards run, pad left corner (feeding frame), or drop the right flat bottom (the first of several axis deviation does several shaft on the shaftwith the flat bottom, the bottom shaft whereabouts.)

The above is about the arc Caigang pressure tile machine debuggingrelated content.