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Keel machine development prospects

Source: Advance Press Machine  Release date:2017-12-21 15:47 Click: Times

 Keel machine is an economic section of steel, but also energy efficient materials, is a new type of steel with strong vitality, is widely used in highway railing, steel, automobile manufacturing, containers, rail vehicles, steel formwork and scaffolding, ships , Bridges, electrical cabinets, overhead conveyors, cable trays, shelves, elevator rails, keel steel, vegetable sheds, agricultural machinery, grain storage, furniture and fire protection equipment and other fields. Now, some major construction projects in China's steel structure is almost inseparable keel machine. It is reported that with the rapid development of China's economic construction, keel machine will be more widely used, its demand will continue to grow. It is estimated that the domestic demand for keel machines will reach 10 million tons in 2010, but it is still relatively small compared with 10% of the total steel consumption in some developed countries. Therefore, we can say that the development prospects of our keel machines are very broad.