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Customers in the purchase of pressure tile machine before th

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Customers in the purchase of pressure tile machine before the answer questions

Customers have all kinds of questions in the purchase pressure tile machine always, below we will pick two customers most often reflect the problem to discuss.

Have the customer reflect, when color steel plate molding equipmentpress the color in the fixed length cutting, always appear a certain error.For example, each board fixed length of 10 meters, but the board shearextrusion after a 1 cm long, a piece of 1 cm and a short.

Is this why? Is the pressure tile machine's sake? In fact, this is because in the lottery during feeding, because the color steel roll is quite round,leading to rotation into the board, the board by force is not uniform,larger drag out board chairman a few, otherwise will be shorter than thequantitative. Therefore, the first step, is also the color film material, must strictly control standards. This is the foundation, only the foundation work to do, only then has the possibility to press out the ideal plate effect.

We in the daily sales, often have the customer asked "how your home840 pressure tile machine 11 row axis, and some manufacturers are 13 rows of axial?" then what factors determine the forming lanes Caigangequipment? Complexity of forming times mainly depends on the materialproperties and types material shape, moreover it also and section width,forming frame spacing, profiles of the relevant dimension accuracy etc..Material thickness, hardness, components are affected by forming the required shape channel number. Strip thickness is larger, forming passmore, when the strip yield strength is high, need cornering (about 2degrees) to compensate for the effects of springback. A surface coatedstrip often need more forming pass in order to maintain the smoothness of the surface.